we beat the heat one day…

Aug 2, 2009


if you are here in Portland, you know.  You know the unbearable heat wave we’ve been having all too well.  If you aren’t here, you can sit back and chuckle at how we NorthWesterners cannot deal with the heat!!!!!  We typically only get one major heat wave a year, and everyone is always stunned by it.  This is one of those times, and if the temp doesn’t go down today or tomorrow we will have broken a record for the longest heat wave here!

Anyhooooo, I will refrain frmo complaining much more about how horribly, oppressivey, and staggeringly HOT it has been here, and instead show you how WE decided to beat the heat… a trip to Coast!  And boy did we have fun!  Having grown up in San Jose, CA where its just a short beautiful drive to the Beach in Santa Cruz, I always feel like any farther than an hour drive from the ocean is soooooooo far!  When in actuality we are not much farther here  So we did it spontaneously on tuesday – packed up the kids and some sand toys and hightailed it out there.  We had a blast and the temperature was just PERFECT!!!!!!!



we had such a great day!  i just adore those times when we are doing nothing but spending time together with no distractions…  its like coming home after being away for awhile.

mwah! xo,


  1. Betsy McGreer says:

    Oh, Jen, I am so envious of a beach-fix. We have lots of heat and lots of water, but nothing so glorious as the healing ocean.
    Thanks for sharing.

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