we had so much fun at the San Jose mini-sessions!

Aug 15, 2009


hi folks!  i’m back from our trip to the Bay Area.  we spent lots of time with family, and i had lots of fun photographing some AMAZINGLY wonderful peeps at the San Jose mini-sessions!  here is just a taste of the good stuff we got in or shorts times together…

here’s Paddi, Oscar & Flower… aren’t they adorable?  Zoe wore the dogs out with a zesty round of ball throwing first so i got a lot of tongue in their portraits!  i love them just the same. ;o)

blogpaddithis is Xavier.  He completely enchanted me with his depth.  This kid is super special…


blogxavieroh Dele, Amber & Jack… how i love you so…



Lynette & I went to elementary school together & we reconnected on Facebook (oh facebook!).  it was so much fun to see her again after a billion years and meet HER Zoie & Sam!

she is so beautiful…



sam is a comedian…  really!


ok, more coming, but for now i must snuggle my Little Lady. ’tis bedtime!!!!!



  1. gayle says:

    I so love the photos! As always, you have done an amazing job capturing the spirit and soul of people. Seeing the doggie ones makes me sad we have to leave our girls at home this trip. <3

  2. Bish says:

    Wow… Jen Downer pix rock! I think you’re ready for pet photography. Those puppy shots are adorable… and inspirational. Way to avoid the everyday and make them something special. Beautiful smiling people and beautiful smiling pets!

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