iphone photo a day – a 365 project

Jan 5, 2010


happy new year!

ok, so knowing me this project will not end up being 365, but i’m going to try to get close to it! :o)

the idea is to take – and post – a photo from the iphone every day.  i think i can come close to managing that!

here’s what i’ve got so far…

sunday, january 3rd

the haircut

the haircut

and today…

the food carts at sw 10th & alder

the food carts at sw 10th & alder

and a bonus

school yard puddle

school yard puddle



  1. sarah says:

    Love these… especially that last one.. I am attempting 365 trying to just do it and see where it leads me.. good luck to you too 😉

  2. kaary says:

    i love your idea…and i love the first 3 photos of your new project! can’t wait to follow your 2010 i-phone journey. love you. xoxo

  3. Amy Nieto says:

    I can see your pretty little curls on the puddle reflection.

    Also, puddle is a very tough word for me. I almost always end up saying “poodle”. English is hard.

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