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Nov 25, 2010

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Oh my stars, I have such a great many things to be thankful for.  It would take me a tremendously long time to write them all down, so I am going to make a short and sweet list of the things that first come from my right right in this moment…

– for my sweet, quirky, lovable family for whom i am so much love with  that i feel like my heart my burst at any given time.

– for the incredible, inspiring, dear, kind, generous, beautiful friends & community who i am surrounded and supported by

– for our choosing the wonderful city of Portland, OR 5 years ago to be our family’s home, and for the bounty of fun & variety of personality & expression it never ceases to provide.

– for my eyes which are so intrinsically connected to my heart and allow me to soak in the beauty of all of the pretty & sublime that i encounter

– for my work that allows me to express myself, interact with such lovely people – each of whom i fall in love with while i am photographing them, and for the business i have created that challenges me to learn & evolve constantly and at my own pace.

– for 5 year year old friends who run up to hug me and proceed to dance before my lens (see image above)

– for the wisdom & tolerance that comes with age and experience

– oh heck!  for the endless stream of goodness, delight, amazing moments, and moment by moment lessons that are my life!!!!!!

oh, one more important thing…

i am ever so grateful for you, dear reader, for coming to visit my page and care about what i have to say and show!!!



  1. amy says:

    i am thankful for your wonderful, love filled lens. that you see others for all their true beauty and gently coax it out. i am thankful that i get to call you my sweetest busom buddy, my dear bestest friend that makes everything make sense and feel right in my life.
    thankful for you tremendously and thinking of you tons today. xo

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