Happy 1st Anniversary, Adam & Erica!!!

Sep 26, 2011


I am not a wedding photographer, but occasionally I just can’t help myself!  I LOVE photographing people in love!

Adam & Erica are dear friends of one of my very wonderful clients turned dear friend, Grayson, so when she referred them to me to photograph their wedding I already knew we would be a great fit.

We made some magic happen at their engagement session… a fun walk around their Alberta Neighborhood.

And then of course, a very sweet wedding happened last September 26th, full of beautiful friends & family at McMenamins Kennedy School.

Erica is an outstanding fashion designer… can believe she made her breathtakingly beautiful dress AND Adam’s suit???

(she teaches some fantastic sewing classes at Modern Domestic.  Like this one and this one or even this one.  RAD!  Tell  her I sent you!)

Happy Anniversary, Adam & Erica!!!

You two are really so beautiful and share an electric connection… your loving friendship shines!





  1. Erica says:

    Awwwww, you are so sweet. Thanks Jen! We love all of the pictures you took of us so much! You are crazy talented!! It means so much to have so many gorgeous images that capture what was such a perfect day.

  2. loveLOVE%20the%20first%20shot%3A%20the%20sun%20flare%2C%20the%20legs%2C%20the%20bright.%20beautiful

  3. LOVE love the first shot: the sun flare, the light, the bright and the legs. beautiful.

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