Expecting Flora May

Feb 28, 2012


I ran into Sonja and her girls yesterday walking the aisles of New Seasons. (You may remember Sonja’s beautiful face from Spielwerk Sellwood. She is the former co-owner.) It had been nearly 2 years since we last saw each other, and seeing them absolutely LIT ME UP from the inside! She is expecting a new baby, and I finally got to meet the Beautiful One that we photographed in utero the last time we met. Our little grocery store reunion inspired me to revisit our session from May 2010, as I’m slowly but surely going through the archives of photos to update my portfolio, and to share so much that has gone unshared. I did a little reworking of the photos, and viola!

xo, jen

  1. kati says:

    aww, love those b&ws in the white dresses!

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