it IS a Superhero Life!

Sep 11, 2012


My late 20’s were such a transformative time for me, as I think they are for most of us. In my 29th year I went through some particularly painful life stuff.  The relationship I had been devoted to for years and years dissolved, I graduated from school without any sense of direction, and then most tragically my Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which swiftly stole her life.  And as painful as all of those things were, it was the time in my life when I really grew into myself. I finally recognized my values and the wonderful little things that made me who I am.  It was a confluence of many things, but I’d like to give some of the credit to this special lady… Andrea Scher.

Andrea was my very first blog crush. (((blush)))  I discovered her in the pages of one of SARK’s juicy little books, and her words and her imagery and honesty totally swept me off of my feet… not to mention helped me to find the strength and confidence and excitement for life that carried me through and lifted me up out of the most painful, profound time of my life.  I fell a little bit in love… ok, maybe a lotta bit.

Andrea & I have become friends over the years, and I had the total pleasure of photographing her incredibly cute family and herself in Oakland last month. When she booked her mini-session, she asked if I might be able to get a few shots of her for her NEW WEBSITE, and of course I was delighted by the prospect.  Said amazing, beautiful, perfectly ANDREA site Superhero Life launched today after a year of hard work, and I am tickled the most peachy pink to be a little part of it!  You really must go check it out and be inspired! Oh and she has some truly awesome giveaways going on to celebrate that you will not want to miss!

Thank you, dear A, for including me in your glorious Superhero World! After 10 years I am still so inspired by you and all that you share with the world.  You are so beautiful.

xoxo, jen


  1. Hi Jen, I’m just hopping around visiting all the great folks who were celebrating with Andrea last week when she launched her gorgeous new blog. These photos make me SMILE. So much aliveness and joy here on the page!!! It’s great to meet you! 🙂

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