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Oct 29, 2012

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I love my job. I love that I get to be with families, witness them loving each other, see their beauties and intricacies, and make art of their lives. I love making something for them that they will cherish for a lifetimes… for generations. I love getting to know families over time, having them choose me again and again over the years to create little image time capsules for them. I am so so lucky to get to do this work!!!

This family is one what is very dear to my heart, and this session… well, it pretty much rocked my socks off! I have to say that it is one of my very favorites of all of my 6 years of doing this. And what made it so? Well, we had a beautiful location, gorgeous end-of-summer early evening light, and they are OBVIOUSLY super cute… but what made it really special was their willingness to just totally BE THEMSELVES. We went with the flow, they let me really SEE them, and from that magic was made.

Becca sent me this email this morning after seeing her photos for the first time. It made me cry and feel so very thankful:

“Thank you so very much for giving us such a beautiful gift. It is truly our life as art. And it’s our real life. A life full of joy, sneaky smiles, grey hair, impromptu dancing, unarranged hand holding, music, laughter and light.

A life with soul.

It’s not just your pictures that are full of grace. It is you. As a parent, my hope for my children is that they will engage in this world with wonder and delight – and that the adults they encounter will help faciliate this. This is exactly who you are, Jen. You not only capture the wonder, you inspire it.

Loretta was so pleased and honored that her ideas were considered and incorporated. You made her feel important and validated. And Hyde can’t stop talking about how Lightening McQueen is living in the camera lens – BRILLIANT!

You’re an exceptional photographer, artist, friend and human being, Jen Downer.

We love you.

The Uherbelau Castle Family”

Thank YOU, Becca, Jim, Loretta & Hyde! I love you guys!!!!!

  1. bearto says:

    Amazingly beautiful images -and- words that are so very true.

  2. Amy Nieto says:

    I don’t think there’s anyone else in this Universe who can capture the essence of a family quite like you, Miss Jen. Thank you for sharing this little story, what a beautiful family.
    May your talent shine forever!

    (also, I already miss that late summer light. Oh well, let’s enjoy Fall light!)

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