Snow is so beautiful

Dec 28, 2012


I’ve really only been in the snow a small handful of times in my life, and every time I find myself in a winter wonderland of snow it always takes my breath away. I’m a bit of a snow wimp – the driving scares me, I’m a total klutz trying to move my body in it, and well, its very cold… but sakes alive, the BEAUTY! The peaceful beauty makes it all worth it.

We trekked up the mountain with our dear friends today and had a jolly good time. Thought I’d share some of the beauty and fun with YOU!  xoxo

  1. and the shot of the trees- i would have hung up very, very large in my house. xo

  2. Katy says:

    I can see why that scene would take your breath away – those trees are magical! What fun!

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