Almost Nine Months of Loveliness

Jan 24, 2013

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I’ve been a big fan of the LOVELY Cori Kindred for quite some time. Her polaroid art is astoundingly beautiful… I have this print hanging in my little workspace, and I adore it so!  When I learned Cori was pregnant, I (of course) wanted to photograph her. It wasn’t until she was just about due to birth her sweet little guy, Grey, that we actually got together and made some magic. It seems apropos that it has taken me 9 months to get these beauties edited and ready to share! My new goal: to photograph Grey before he’s running. Think we could make that happen, Cori???  These are some of my favorite maternity images in all of my years doing this work. xoxo.


  1. cori says:

    oh jen, i don’t even know what to say. i love love love these so much. i love how gorgeously green it was when you took them. i love how serene you made our bedroom look. i love how exactly a week after we got together my 9lb sweetie was born on the dining room floor. thank you for everything, you are so talented and these are such a blessing.

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