Sunday #4

Feb 21, 2013

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We were on a little trip to California over the long weekend, spending a little time with our chosen family – my oldest, life long friend Kaary (our mom’s were best friends from their days of summer camp together in the Santa Cruz Mountains) and her amazingly wonderful partner Kim. Their house is truly a retreat for us in so many reasons, #1 reason being LOVE surrounds us when we are with them! They are both experts in the Autism realm, and aside from a kinship we naturally feel for one another, there is a level of understanding that we have not found with anyone else. Anyhooo, I could go on and on about the story of our visit and how much we adore these two women, but this post is about our Sunday together… funny thing is that I didn’t realize until I had documented the whole peaceful, lovely day that it was actually SATURDAY! So Sunday #4 is actually the Saturday that felt like a Sunday.

Our trip began with a call from the school 10 minutes before we were leaving to pick up the kids on the way to the airport that Sam had fallen from the top of the playstructure. An emergency room visit including a “photo shoot” (xrays) showed that he had broken his humorus, but so close to his shoulder that it couldn’t be put into a cast. (BUMMER! But we’re so thankful that it was his arm and NOT HIS NECK!) They sent us on our way with some codeine and a sling, and we caught a later flight. More on what injuries looks like with a child with executive function challenges, extreme sensory issues and little impulse control to come later. He was an absolute champ at the hospital and through the whole trip, considering he had a broken arm!Sam’s lunch requestThere is all kinds of pretty out on their property, which was the home of Kim’s grandmama for over 50 years.Kim’s Dad’s truck, becoming one with the earth.Kim taught Zoë and I how to make kim chee! So excited to make our own! (shoot me an email if you’d like the recipe)It was a really lovely day… by far the best of the whole trip!

Thank you for following along with my Sundays!!! And make sure you go see the enchanting way Amy & Andrea saw their Sundays as well!

xoxo, j

  1. Zoe says:

    love it mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bearto says:

    Wonderful, lovely, enchanting! Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. amy says:

    oh jen this is positively dreamy. what a lovely, beautiful day and so perfectly captured.

  4. Amy Sykora says:

    absolutely wonderful, you captured your day in such a lovely way. thank you for sharing!

  5. andrea says:

    oh I LOVE this! every last shot. and it thrills me as I knew the sundays project would capture such a cross section of our lives– everything from lazy days at home to little (and big) adventures out in the world. xoxo

  6. Kim Wagaman says:

    I love how you see the world. and I love you. beauty from the inside out.

  7. Melissa Smith says:

    That sundial! I have a photo of *exactly* the same sundial, at the historic home venue in South Carolina where my cousin got married!

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