Sunday #6

Mar 5, 2013

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Sunday #6 was a tough day for us. Nothing tragic, just hard. In fact these past few weeks have been hard. I’m not sure if Sam’s broken arm pain is manifesting in some difficult behaviors or if this is just a season that coincidentally came about around the same time as his injury, but we have been seeing some of his more challenging autistic characteristics shining through loudly lately. He’s been waking up at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning… FOR THE DAY. (which means I’m up with him because he requires constant supervision) He’s been really scattered, destructive, extra loud, and not following directions. He’s so wonderful and amazing, but these kinds of behaviors with a kid who requires the level of attention that he does… well, its exhausting. And frustrating. And leaves us wondering what exactly he is needing. Anyhooo, this too shall pass, and we will approach each day with open hearts, tapping in to our super hero-esque creative problem solving skills, and bolster our patience as much as humanly possible.

One night last week, in an attempt to coax Sam into relaxing back into sleep on one of the 3am wake up nights, I promised him that if he went back to sleep we could dye easter eggs. (He is a big fan of holidays, and has been talking about dying easter eggs non-stop since we started seeing easter stuff in the stores.) He didn’t fall asleep until 6:30 and needed to get up at 7:00, BUT a promise is a promise. So today was the day…

Zoë got a new camera. The kid has a REALLY. GOOD, EYE. Fantastic compositions!We had a little Barbie hair salon too. My kids tend to turn all Barbie’s into their own brand of Monster High dolls.I thought I had killed the very last little bit of the very last plant remaining from my Mom’s plants… but thankfully Rob’s green thumb is nursing this little cutling back to life. Wish it luck!This girl is amazing. She sometimes has to endure a lot of stress. She has times when it gets to her, but she is such a dreamboat.Water always helps when things get difficult. Water is magic.“Grandma Fingers”He is just such a tender little puzzle, always challenging us to figure out how to find the best ways to fit the pieces together and gracing us with his BIG HUGE LOVE.

I am ever so grateful to Andrea for this wonderful project. Documenting my regular life on Sundays is already so fulfilling to me. Go see her beautiful Sunday HERE! Amy is taking a little break this week, but she’ll be back.

  1. love these. esp. the one of z on the couch.

  2. andrea says:

    oh girl. I love this. and you. xo

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