I believe in LOVE!

Mar 27, 2013

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I believe in love and families that come all different configurations. I believe in compassion and respect and open-mindedness and acceptance. I believe in equality and inclusivity (is that a word? if not, it should be!!). I believe in kindness. I believe everyone (EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN.) has a story that is worth listening to. (even the assholes. even if you vehemently disagree with someone’s values. there is a story behind it all.)

I absolutely believe in gay marriage and love and family. I am so hopeful that with the Supreme Court hearing against California’s Prop 8, despite some of the archaic beliefs of some of the justices, we see some historic progressive steps in the right direction. Its really quite an amazing time.

And as usual, I am so much better at expressing myself through images rather than words. So please allow these photographs that I’ve taken over the years speak volumes about the love that I see between these wonderful people who have allowed me to witness their connection and the spirit of their relationships…

Thank you to these wonderful people, and to each and every person who has chosen and entrusted me with the honor of documenting your lives. This work means so much to me.

If you would like to book a session with me, I would be so tickled to hear form you! Just shoot me a message over on the SAY HELLO page. I’ll be looking forward to it! xoxo


  1. these images are moving as are your words to stand up for what you believe in and the rights of others. thank you for sharing.

  2. Amy Grace says:

    jen, my heart is so incredibly full, it hurts. BEAUTIFUL. you, them, us, love. you get it, you share it, you mean it. my heart…is full.

  3. Michelle Stone says:

    oh this is so beautiful, Jen! just beautiful! love is love is love!

  4. Debbie says:

    Such a joy looking at these images. Love is love, and nothing should hinder two persons who are in love to be together. Love this series so much.

  5. Anne Wick says:

    Amazing and powerful. Thank you <3.

  6. Katelyn Vonfeldt says:

    oh!! these are so beautiful it makes my heart ache a bit

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