Happy Springtime!!!

Mar 31, 2013

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Oh my gosh, the past couple of weeks have found me BIZEEEEEEEEEE! We’ve had my birthday, house guests, parties, Spring Break, Zoë’s birthday, and then some. So I apologize for being amiss with my postings. I’m shooting my Sunday today, and the kids go back to school tomorrow so I will be able to spend a little more time at my computer showing you guys what I’ve been up to in pictures.

In the meantime… I got to spend some time with these cuties in their glorious kid haven of a backyard the other day, celebrating SPRING and the amazing weather we’ve been having in Portland for the past few days!

  1. Sonja Barclay says:

    I have to admit that my kids are pretty darn cute, but somehow you make their grubby, dirt and snot covered faces look stunning!

  2. Sarah Rem says:

    Oh my LORD! These are incredible! Authentic beauty of soul.

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