Sunday #10 – reluctance

Apr 9, 2013

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I love photography. DUH. I love photographing my kids, my life, my real bits. But there are some times, some days, when I just don’t feel like picking up my camera. This Sunday was one of those days. However, I am committed to this project and I forced myself to grab it and persuaded Zoë to let me take some portraits of her. And you know what? I was so glad I did.

Be sure to see…

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Amy’s Sunday | Amy McMullen Photography


  1. amy grace says:

    these are as haunting as they are beautiful. they feel necessary, and that you make them that way speaks to how much magic there is in these regular days that we will pine away for soon. the way she looks at you. it’s a world i would never try to break into. sacred. and then the last ones gave that little lift of light and humor to add a perfect balance. xo

  2. Rebecca Alexis says:

    oh so so so love. really truly do. xxoo

  3. el says:

    Love!!!!! Number 6 is amazing!!!! Great B&W portrait!!! xo

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