Today is Baby Day!

Apr 10, 2013

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A very special person is coming into the world today… into the loving arms of Darcie & Walter. And I couldn’t be more excited!

These guys are so awesome. Darcie has been with us through some of our biggest life moments, including being our kick ass realtor through buying our first (and only) beloved home. (Seriously, she and her partner Hilary at PDX Green Team – Oregon First Realty are the BOMBDIGGITY. I have never heard of a real estate transaction going as smoothly as ours did, and they are so freaking cool. I cannot recommend them any higher!) And Walter came into our lives when he and Darcie got hitched and chose my #1 guy to officiate their wedding. He is one of the creators and owners of the world famous Pine State Biscuits (uhoh, just thinking about their food made me drool a little). Needless to say, I love these 2 – they are wonderful – and they are going to be incredible parents. What a lucky kiddo!I get to meet their Little tomorrow, and will be back with photos of his tiny cuteness then! xox

  1. Kathryn White Hild says:

    Love these pictures Walt! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see baby pictures!

  2. Tracy Jones says:

    Amazing pictures of my cousin and her man! made me cry.

  3. Rob Downer says:

    You capture images that take my breath away all the time. When you turn your magic toward people I love it just magnifies the awe by a million. These guys are so special (and absurdly good looking). I can’t wait to see them as parents!

  4. Jodi Barasa says:

    just cried a little looking at these! thanks so much for doing what you do. xoxo

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