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Today my family went out to our friend, Ben’s, farm – Oregon Organic Acres to marvel at his beautiful creatures, and marvel we did. We tromped around in the mud, and had a miraculous little rain break that ended just as we headed out. And it becomes more and more clear that the slow and […]

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Oregon Organic Acres

I honestly don’t know where to start with sharing the beautiful, tender love story of Nick & Anna. It is truly epic. I met them in person for the first time at a little coffee shop on a rainy Portland day Thanksgiving weekend 2015. As with any meeting of people you’ve known only on the […]

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Nick + Anna + their mad beautiful love!

I’m really excited to announce my 2015 California Road Trip sessions! We are going to get to see so many awesome people and places, and along the way it would be such a honor and pleasure to photograph YOUR FAMILY! If you are interested in hosting a mini session event in any of the areas […]

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2015 California sessions!

I have dreamed of having a floral half sleeve done by Alice Kendall of Wonderland Tattoo for at least 6 years… and in September we finally made it happen. I love it so much, and am so tickled that my incredibly talented friend Katy Tuttle was able to photograph it for me!!!

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My new {dream} Tattoo

Its official. My inconsistent blogger status. Don’t hold it against me, eh? One warm, no HOT, summer evening, I got to photograph some of my favorite smart, powerful, creative, beautiful young ladies. These guys are my girl’s best friends, and I absolutely adore them. So much. Now head on over to the fantastic Stacey Montgomery‘s […]

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Annnnnd We’re Back! 10 on 10 September Style!

This girl. This month’s 10-on-10 is all about this girl who made me a mother. Who is about to graduate from elementary school. Who has one foot in adolescence and the other in little girlhood. Who is strong and tough and sensitive and tender. Who would like to stay a kid forever. Who is growing […]

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10-on-10 June Edition

Hey there! Happy April! We took a trip out to the Coast for an afternoon over Spring Break… we arrived at the perfect time for an hour or so of a break in the rain. It started pouring just as we got back to the car. Hopped over a few towns and had fish and […]

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April 10-on-10

Welcome back! Ahhhhh, I happy to see February in the rear view mirror, and the days are zipping by toward my 42nd birthday coming up on the 1st day of Spring! This past month has been about being cozy at home with a few excursions out to the woods. Did you come my way via […]

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10 on 10 March edition

Hello! Welcome to 10-on-10 February Edition! Those of you who came from Breanna Peterson’s blog, thank you for following the blog circle to me! Portland rarely gets snow. The last time we had a significant snow storm that stuck was back in 2008. So when we got several inches of snow last weekend, it was […]

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10 on 10 February Style

Well hello there! Its been awhile! I was delightedly invited to join a most awesome group of photographers for a 10-on-10 project for this year.  I am notoriously awful at projects… when I think of doing a 365 photo project I feel a panic attack coming on. Last year I attempted the Sundays weekly project, […]

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January 10 on 10 – a new project