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Our Easter Sunday. Spent lounging…2 farm store visits & dirty looks from goats…Farm store #2. this time with sweet looks from goats…New babies. Here’s Bunny. A Black Sexlink…And here’s Happy Unicorn Lady Gaga. A Buff ORphington… Sunshine and a little yard clean up. Sam said it was “pretend summer”, thus nekkidness was required…And some water […]

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Sunday #9

I’ve photographed Leeann throughout several life events… her pregnancy, her newborn, and as she has grown her business, Verabel Jewelry. When she contacted me recently needing updated photos for a special feature on Of A Kind and a bunch of other purposes I jumped at the chance to photograph this stunningly beautiful lady once again. […]

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Beautiful Leeann – a business session

Oh my gosh, the past couple of weeks have found me BIZEEEEEEEEEE! We’ve had my birthday, house guests, parties, Spring Break, Zoë’s birthday, and then some. So I apologize for being amiss with my postings. I’m shooting my Sunday today, and the kids go back to school tomorrow so I will be able to spend […]

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Happy Springtime!!!

I believe in love and families that come all different configurations. I believe in compassion and respect and open-mindedness and acceptance. I believe in equality and inclusivity (is that a word? if not, it should be!!). I believe in kindness. I believe everyone (EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN.) has a story that is worth listening to. (even […]

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I believe in LOVE!

Sunday #8 was St Patrick’s Day. It was tacos and The Portland Flea and Sauvie Island and friends (this lady) and photos with pups who are preparing for departure and rain and a little bit of sun and deep breaths and loud and quiet.The view from Amy’s kitchen window.I think I take a photo of […]

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Sunday #8

I’m super excited to offer this awesome new product to my clients… Wood Prints! I’m a sucker for plywood, and well you all know how I feel about photos… its a winning combo in my book! I still love PLYwerk, and they will always be a beautiful option for a mounted print, framing alternative. But […]

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Wood Prints! New Product!

Lazy snuggles. Breakfast Monsters. Big emotions. Obligatory Target Circle photos. Swimming birthday parties. This was our Sunday #7 Don’t miss… Andrea’s Sunday Amy’s Sunday  

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Sunday #7

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wished that there was a camera in my brain. Even as a little girl I wished that I could blink my eyes and record a moment and be able to print a photograph of the memory. If I could order up a superpower, that would be it! […]

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iphoneography Friday

Here she is! Dani and Chris‘ baby came earthside on Monday & I was able to swing by and document her at her 25th hour for them. She’s gorgeous, and this new family of 3 is beaming with joy and contentment. We talked about how surreal this time is… the hours and days after a […]

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New Life, Crazy Love