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Sunday #6 was a tough day for us. Nothing tragic, just hard. In fact these past few weeks have been hard. I’m not sure if Sam’s broken arm pain is manifesting in some difficult behaviors or if this is just a season that coincidentally came about around the same time as his injury, but we […]

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Sunday #6

These two beautiful, totally awesome, kinda geeky in the best ways, insanely talented people made a baby. And she’s almost ready to make her debut. And I’m lucky enough to call this family my next door neighbors. They have outstanding taste, kind hearts (Chris brought over beer to Rob one night after he announced on […]

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Dani & Chris & Charlie & Simon are having a BABY!

I’ve been revisiting lots of past sessions lately. I’ve been doing this for 7 years now… taking lifestyle portraits, documenting real life and real personalities – what I really love to do. Even when the business end feels a bit like drudgery, I can honestly say that I have always loved getting to know and […]

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Some days are more inspiring than others. This past Sunday, well, I just did NOT feel inspired to pick up my camera much… so my offerings in this post are few, but silly! This girl, on the cusp of 10, she is my muse. Always has been. I look at her these days, and see […]

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Sunday #5

These 5, well, they’ve been on quite a journey together already. I fell in love with these 2 images while uploading their session from yesterday, and I wanted to give you all a little glimpse.

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3 + 2 = Love

We were on a little trip to California over the long weekend, spending a little time with our chosen family – my oldest, life long friend Kaary (our mom’s were best friends from their days of summer camp together in the Santa Cruz Mountains) and her amazingly wonderful partner Kim. Their house is truly a […]

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Sunday #4

With all our love. We’re off to California for a week! Hope your day is filled with lots of love and red hearts (i love red hearts!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Something major happened this weekend in our family. Our girl had her very first sleepover! Such a bittersweet thing… so happy for her to experience one of the great joys of growing up/so painfully aware of how grown up she is becoming. Rapidly. I admittedly spent the evening she was away sifting through photographs of […]

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Sunday #3

One of things I love the very most about photographing families is that I get to be a witness to pure love and adoration. These photos of Miss Saoirse and her parents are such clear testaments to how much she is loved. The wonderment when they gaze at her is so powerful. I feel so […]

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Her Name Means Freedom – Portland Family Photography

This Sunday was a cozy, mostly loungey and play around the house kind of day on Sunday. Pretty Great. Playmobil & closet forts… Piles of quilts and lots of friends…A  little glimpse at how my daughter’s mind works… (correction – she let me know that the “town drunk” was actually a Hipster. Pardon my mistake.) […]

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Sunday #2