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Sam came home from school today, went straight to the playroom, and came out wearing this most “Awesome Outfit” <—— his words. I agree, this outfit is almost as awesome as he is.

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Sam and the Awesome Outfit

Lucy perched in her favorite lookout spot and watched the comings and goings of her squirrel and bird friends Zoë researched and made a few keynote presentations for fun We made some cloud dough, which was a sensory delight until *someone* dumped a bowl of cooked rice in it and then it was just gross […]

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Sundays #2

January is always a time of organizing and purging and planning and reviewing. This year while reviewing my personal photos from 2012, I was struck by how few I had taken with my “big” camera. The iphone has become my go-to image maker when I’m hanging out with my kiddos. Its just so unobtrusive and […]

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Sunday Project

Happy Saturday from our house to yours! May you have your fair share of snuggles and fun! xo

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Saturday’s are for Snuggles

Yesterday we took our annual trip out to Sauvie Island Farms pumpkin patch for a little harvesty fun as the dark clouds were rolling in. Its such a lovely farm for us, especially on a weekday after school because it is sooooo MELLOW. Not a lot of crowds or overwhelming activities. Our visit got cut […]

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Harvesty Family Fun on the Island

Somebody bought herself an awesome new old bike, and is learning how to ride. And boy howdy, is she ever HAPPY!  See? You can read some of Rob’s thoughts on the matter over on our family blog too. xo, jen

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Zoë & Her Magical New Bike

Taking some deep breaths over here this morning. It’s the last day of 1st & 3rd grade for my (not so) Littles, and I’m feeling a whole storm of emotions ranging from excitement about the possibilities, to so sad for goodbyes to some amazing teachers, to a whole lot of anxious about how we’re going […]

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Welcome to Summer 2012

just because i love her face. and because little else makes me as happy as when she lets me take her picture. xo, jen

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a couple more from yesterday – portland oregon kid photography

on this first day of my 39th year, the second day of spring, i had a strong desire to make photographs of my little life.  and so i did.  and it fed my soul.  here i am to share some little snippets of an everyday early spring afternoon… his eyes. dreamy. he chews his tongue […]

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scenes from my real life – portland oregon family photography

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! Oh my stars, I have such a great many things to be thankful for.  It would take me a tremendously long time to write them all down, so I am going to make a short and sweet list of the things that first come from my right right in this moment… – for […]

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giving thanks