Your new family is magic.

I want to photograph + celebrate these feelings for you to carry with you for the rest of your life and legacy.

I absolutely love capturing new life. There’s nothing like those first precious weeks. My goal with my New Life sessions is to come to your home and observe these moments of you becoming your family. I’ll document the sweet moments, the little details, and the connection that only you can know. You’ll notice that instead of propping your baby up and putting hats/headbands on, we’ll mostly document them in your arms. No fancy outfits needed, no props. Your love, and that little one is all we need.

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"Jen helped us capture moments that would have otherwise been a blur as we lacked sleep, learned how to nurse and became a mom, a dad and a big brother for the first time."

I'm going to be extremely honest here, and address the fact that there is no shortage of choice when looking to hire a family or portrait photographer. If you look around, you will find a vast spectrum of skill and style and pricing. If this is something you are new to, it can surely be overwhelming.
So, let me tell you more about how I price my work.


I do not require you to commit to your end product purchase until you have seen (and fallen in love with!) your gallery.

If you would prefer to pay up front for an all inclusive session plus the entire gallery of digital files, you may do so at the time of booking for a discounted price of $1300. 

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Anatomy of Your Session

Take a deep dive into this website. Get a good feeling for me, my philosophy, and my style. If you feel something tingly in your chest, please reach out and get in touch. I’ll send you my welcome guide and detailed price guide to you can be fully in the loop of what to expect.

01. connect

We’ll talk about your due date and time frame, and get all the businessy stuff like contracts and invoices and such out of the way. Let’s set up a voice to voice consult - by phone or email - to talk about your hopes, answer your questions, and plan your very unique, very you session.

02. details

I’ll send you the She Saw Things workook to work on. This will help you prepare for photo time, and also help get you in the mindset of slowing down a bit to really get present with your new family dynamics and appreciate your quirks and connections.

03. prepare

You will keep me in the birth announcement loop! When baby has arrived we’ll set our date. This can be any time in the first few weeks.

04. schedule

It’s a holiday in some families! This is a day to not pack with a bunch of obligations and big plans. I encourage you to set the day aside to slow down and just BE together. We’ll talk more about that.

05. photo day!

Once we’ve had our date, it's typically a 2-3 week turnaround time for me to spend time with your photos curating them into a beautiful photo story and setting up a private online gallery for you to soak in and fall in love even deeper with your family.

06. handcrafting

There will be a week for you to spend with your gallery and make a decision about your end product purchases. I am available to help with this process! 

07. your images

Depending on your order, you will receive your art in 3-5 weeks (or a day or 2 for digital files purchases).

08. delivery

Welcoming someone into your sacred space during this time is a big deal. Here is what you can expect. 


While I want you to feel good and comfortable, I also really don’t want you to feel stressed about your house.

One thing I know for sure is that I will NOT JUDGE YOU whatever the state of your home. If you can get the brightest parts of your home tidy enough that it won’t make you cringe seeing it in your photos, let’s call it good!

We can always push clutter out of the way if need be too!

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I do not believe in anyone being unphotogenic. I think many of us have a history and conditioning of being photographed badly or awkwardly or candidly by someone not skilled in the art of curation.

I also think that this is why a large majority of adults relish the idea of stepping in front of a camera. We also generally have a history of being forced to sit still and smile pretty for the camera. I say fuck that! Being photographed is a vulnerable process and my hope is to help you transform your feelings about it from being a negative experience to a positive one of feeling seen and comfortable.

I think any time is awesome. I don't believe in a "right time" to photograph babies or kids. They are all different and change from minute to minute! The only things I try to avoid is bad baby acne, illness, or a day that is really too dark & stormy to provide us with natural light to make gorgeous photos. I like to schedule the first date that fits us both and be flexible, if necessary. What feels most important to have professionally documented: the new, squishy, surreal, sleepy first days? When they’ve unfurled and are more alert and smiling? or maybe a series throughout the first year?

There’s no wrong answer, but it's worthy of consideration.

This is an important question considering where we live! My weather policy is to see what the weather is on the day of our session, as it changes so often and the forecast is so unreliable.

I value both your time and my own;I want to do your session on a day where there is enough natural light to make beautiful images for you. Cloudy days are great, but very dark and stormy days just don’t work. So please be prepared to be flexible. One thing I can promise you is that even when sessions have had to be rescheduled multiple times, they always end up happening at just the right time.

In your space.

This can be your home, your yard, your neighborhood, your favorite ice cream shop, or some other agreed upon location that feels special and important to you.

With little kids I will also strongly encourage at the very least meeting at your house and venturing out if we feel like we need another environment. Why? Because home is where the heart is, and I love meeting your people in their most comfortable place. Your home helps tell your story.

My main feeling on this is what you should wear what makes you feel good!

Whether you’re in pajamas or jeans and your favorite band t-shirt or a cute dress or a costume - I honestly don’t care if you feel happy about it! That being said, I often advise that the most sensitive OR the most fashion conscious take the lead on choosing their outfit and then style everyone else so that they don’t match too much nor clash too much. Clear as mud eh?

I'll give you more tips in your welcome guide.

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Let's capture these first days.

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