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Apr 7, 2009


i spent the morning with this lovely trio, and our time together made my heart happy.  so much love, exhuberant imagination, and delightful chatting was to be had!

guita is a co-owner of the fabulous PLUE toystore on Woodstock.  if you haven’t been in, you need to!  she and her biz partner, wendy, have an amazing inventory of nifty, quality stuff, and the store has added such wonderful life and energy to the Woodstock neighborhood!!!!

here are a few of my favorite images for you to enjoy….

we named my new bluebird from melissa sue ‘penelope’


such incredible sweetness.  drool and all!


i LOVE this one!


cuddles galore


and gigi the dog got her time in the spotlight as well.  that is one loved (and patient!) dog!


did some dancing…


does anyone know what these are called??? i LOVE the color!


have a beautiful day!



  1. Nancy says:

    so fun! love these and love the new blog! xoxo

  2. great photos! the plant is called Euphorbia. there are lots of different kinds and colors.

  3. Georgia says:

    i just found your web site through Abby Try Again blog, and it led me to your blog. your work is amazing. and i absolutely love your logo design. you are one of the more creative photographers i have seen out there.

    glad to have found this blog.

  4. jan says:

    We just checked out that plant yesterday. SPURGE… believe it or not.

  5. jefra says:

    and that spurge / euphorbia has a milky sap that’s really poisonous – my DS messed around with one and then licked his fingers. we ended up calling poison control. it was scary. But isn’t it gorgeous?!

  6. jessica says:

    Euphorbia! Those lovely chartreuse blooms are euphorbia.There are loads of varieties, nearly all of them (as far as I know) are beautiful. . . . Was led to your blog via the Unravelling blog roll, but realized I have had your flickr stream and website bookmarked for ages. Your work is beautiful and an inspiration. A lovely coincidence to find a “familiar face” among all those Unravellers!


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