Stephanie & Katie’s wedding photobooth! – Portland, Oregon – same sex wedding photographer

Sep 29, 2010


oh. my. goodness!  Stephanie & Katie got married on a gorgeous day in August at McMenamin’s Edgefield Lodge.  It was an impeccably planned day, thanks Melanie & Kim of Your Perfect Bridesmaid, full of amazing friends and family.  Love made the air feel ELECTRIC!!!!!

So this was my first go at doing a photobooth, and I had such a fun time!  I laughed the entire time & my cheeks seriously ached the following day.  I think this is something I’d like to do often.  Whadya think???



  1. Calvina says:

    AWESOMENESS! love it!

  2. bearto says:

    what amazing fun this looks like! I want so badly to be there with them in the photo booth!

  3. Katie & Steph says:

    We (still) love them so, so much Jen! You did an amazing job capturing our loved ones!

  4. Amy Nieto says:

    So fun! It would be neat to print all these up on posters and give them as gifts to wedding attendees!

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