i live in a very pretty place!

Nov 4, 2010


Portland Autumns never cease to amaze me!  The colors are a feast for my color-loving eyeballs, i love the crisp sweater wearing weather, and nothing is more comforting than a bowl full of soup.  Yep, this is definitely my favorite time of year!  Rob and I took a walk around our gorgeous neighborhood today with Lucy, and I just so happened to bring my camera along to show you the sights that delighted our senses today.  I think I’ll do that every week or so if that sounds good to you all!

much love! xox

  1. oona says:

    Stunning. You’ve captured the essence of fall and what I love SO much about it. (and Portland!!)

  2. Lilia says:

    oooh, sweetie – you inspire me! I’m going to have to go for a photowalk today!!!

    love you!

  3. nicolle says:

    fall in portland is my favorite. you have captured it perfectly.

  4. Amy Nieto says:

    Love it love it loveit love it. I did not get to walk around to photograph the pretty Portland Autumn days we had earlier. Grr. kicking myself about it. Also, I did not know you were blogging so frequently again. I’m going to stalk you a bit, okay?

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