You Look BOOOOtiful! Costume Contest!

Oct 31, 2011



I had so much fun yesterday photographing these cuties in their Halloween finery at Spielwerk!  Saw a few friendly, familiar faces, & got to meet some new wonderful kids & parents as well.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for!

The 1st annual

She Saw Things – You look BOOOOOtiful costume contest!

Please cast your vote for your favorite costume down in the comments, & the winner will get a FREE She Saw Things family photo session!  Spread the word, my friends!  I want to get a TON of vote comments down there! (the photos are BELOW the # – title!)

edited to add: please don’t vote more than once.  it’s just not cool

#1 – the enchanting Indian Princess


#2 – the beautiful Zombie Bride

#3 – the cute Pink Butterfly

#4 – an amazing Case Of Stripes

#5 – the cutest Nerd EVER

#6 – the adorable Blue Monster

#7 – Ruthie as Herself!

#8 – the sweetest Raggedy Ann

#9 -the incredibly handsome Pharoah

#10 – the darling Mermaid

Please spread the word!  I will be closing the comments and tallying the votes tomorrow November 1st at 8pm PST.



  1. Amanda says:

    Oh this is tough! They are all so awesome! I think my total fav is 4 though! Just wow to everyone.

  2. Jolie says:

    This IS tough! My fave is #1 – the enchanting Indian Princess, but really they are all so adorable!

  3. Tytia says:

    Oh my gosh, they are all so adorably cute!! I hate to even vote because they all look like winners to me. However, since you want a vote, I have to go with the adorable blue monster #6, only because I have a son around the same age and the blue of her eyes match her costume perfectly. Very adorable. I just wish they could all win. 🙁

  4. Ruthie Crawford says:

    woops, I meant #6!! I love love love #6!

  5. Rebecca Morris says:

    I vote for Olive! #6!

  6. Mel says:

    I love little blue monsters! My vote is number six~

  7. Jennifer Lundstrom says:

    Sorry #6 is the one I meant!

  8. Danny Davis says:

    I have ot vote for #6 Sweet Olive 🙂

  9. e.marie says:

    Go blue monster! #6

  10. Brenda Lucia says:

    I like #6. What a cutie

  11. Denise Grave says:

    i vote for #5 the cutest nerd ever. jen you are an amazing photographer. what a gift. seriously.

  12. Jason Lenox says:

    I vote for #6! The blue monster all the way!

  13. Melanie says:

    Blue monster fo sho!

  14. Patricia Toler says:

    I vote for #6, the little blue monster.

  15. Briana says:

    I vote for #6! Go Olive go!

  16. Maria Poole says:

    Love number 6! Cutest little monster EVER.

  17. Lloyd Piersawl says:

    I vote for #6, Primitive yet elegant..

  18. Shellie says:

    Loving #4 Case of the Stripes – very original!

  19. Naomi says:

    #6 is sooo adorable!!!

  20. marko says:

    all are SO beautiful. my votes are for 2, 4 + 10 : )

  21. marko says:

    oops, I meant 5 (not 10) sorry!

  22. Tristan Lemons says:

    STRIPES!!!!! (all were amazing though!)

    You probably know this already but you are an amazing photographer! 🙂

  23. Allie Ashmead says:

    I vote for #6!!!

  24. lulu says:

    #6!! beautiful blue monster:)

  25. Samantha says:

    #6! Olive is adorable!!

  26. Sam says:

    I gotta go with the enchanting Indian Princess but theyre all amazing

  27. Sarah Davis says:

    My vote is for #6!!

  28. Jimena Oldham says:

    blue monster #6… she is the winner =)

  29. Barbara Nalon Vacek says:

    #5 Cutest Nerd Ever. Love, love, love it!

  30. oona b says:

    #9, the Pharaoh is AMAZING! 🙂 Love creative costumes!!

  31. Kaj says:

    Wonderful all! My favorite is #4 – even the look on her face evokes the character in the book!

  32. Katje DeYoung says:

    Love #2,the Zombie Bride! Verrrrry Scaarrrrry

  33. Sherri McMillan says:

    Vote for #1 – Love the little indian princess

  34. mike hawkes says:

    Olive a/k/a “Blue Monster” please

  35. Rachel says:

    I vote for #10, the darling Mermaid! What great pics.

  36. Karen says:

    #6 the adorable monster

  37. James says:

    #5 Nerds of the world unite!

  38. Myllisa says:

    #4 is the winner. love this!!!

  39. Deb says:

    #2 charming zombie bride, and #4 amazing stripes and #5 cute nerd.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    #4, but i love them all.

  41. says:

    #5 — the cutest nerd ever!!

  42. Lisa Meldrum says:

    #10 all the way with Mermaid!

  43. Jessie says:

    #5 – one of my most favorite books everrr!!

  44. Claire says:

    #2 Beautiful Zombie Bride!

  45. rachel says:

    #6…Little O as the blue monster!

  46. Melissa says:

    I vote for #6! Love it!

  47. Laura says:

    you KNOW I love them all, I do.
    But my vote goes to #4- bad case of the stripes.

  48. Rebecca says:

    I’m voting for #5 the cutest Nerd EVER.

  49. Anna says:

    #6 blue monster

  50. Gretchen Hogue says:

    Miss Olive (#6) is the cutest monster I have ever seen 🙂

  51. Dan Nichter says:

    All too cute! My fav is #6. Blue monsters scare me.

  52. CT says:

    Cool costumes, great photography, gotta go with #1 the enchanting Indian Princess.

  53. kristin says:

    i vote for #2 my kind of bride!

  54. Andrew Henderson says:

    #6 – Love the blue monster!

  55. Marilyn says:

    Number 1 – the only one! She is a winner!

  56. Kym says:

    OMG! I’m totally for the blue monster with the matching mesmerizing blue eyes. #6 all the way. Toooo cute!!

  57. sebastian says:

    I vote for #4 — an amazing Case of Stripes, awesome!

  58. stacy says:

    #4 although they all are pretty great (especially the nerd and the zombie bride).

  59. Amanda says:

    #6 is adorable!! Def the cutest!!!!

  60. J. Newgent says:

    The little blue monster with the brilliant blue eyes in my humble opinion deserves the top prize! #6! 🙂

  61. kat says:

    I love #6 she is just adorable!

  62. mary says:

    #6, please! They are all so beautiful! love the mermaid, too.

  63. Renee Seger says:

    My vote goes to #1 – the enchanting Indian Princess! Beautiful shots!

  64. Jessica says:

    My vote goes to #6!!!! 🙂

  65. Mette says:

    #4 – “Camilla” looks fantastic!

  66. Heidi says:

    #4 So great! What fantastic photos.

  67. Pearl lee says:

    Mermaids Rule! Number 10

  68. Jody Anderson says:

    Gotta go with #9 myself!

  69. cindy c says:

    #1 the indian princess

  70. bearto says:

    #4 Amazing case of the stripes!

  71. Robb says:

    #9 the handsome Pharoah

  72. colleen richardson says:

    works of art… hard to choose, but i’m casting my vote for the AMAZING case of stripes!

  73. Jade Vanacore says:

    #6!!! Cutest Blue monster ever! : )

  74. Pris says:

    #1 The enchanting Indian Princess:)

  75. Petra Callin says:

    I vote for number 1 – the beautiful Indian princess

  76. Stacie Codino says:

    My vote is for #1, Isabella, the Indian Princess. 🙂

    They all look amazing!!

  77. Rian Seger says:

    Indian Princess gets my vote!

  78. Annie says:

    cast our vote for the Enchanting Indian Princess! You look maaaavelous Bella Joy 🙂

  79. Zack says:

    I am voting for the Indian Princess.

  80. Ericka says:

    #1 the enchanting Indian Princess- I love it!

  81. Becky says:

    I vote for #1 the enchanting Indian Princess

  82. Allison says:

    My vote is for #6. Precious Olive!

  83. Diane Brenner says:

    Love them all, but #4 gets my vote, definitely!

  84. Feather Swain says:

    I vote #4, how did she sit still for all those stripes?! Great photos!

  85. clementineiv says:

    #4 all the way- so creative!

  86. 4top says:

    everyone looks amazing!
    i am going to go with #4 though!

  87. kate nason says:

    I vote, hands down for #4 Case of the Stripes!!!! Fantastic!!!!

  88. Ruthie says:

    That little Indian Princess wins my vote and my heart!

  89. Maya says:

    #4 Stripes, for sure

  90. Phoebe says:

    Case of Stripes

  91. Pietta says:

    unbelievably amazing…Stripolocious all the way!!!!! Number 4

  92. Paul says:

    Number one is the ONE!

  93. BKD says:

    What’s not to love about #4 – an amazing Case Of Stripes

  94. Daniel Kamil says:

    I am going with Ken Kesey’s friend on the Magic Trip. She was born in the wrong decade. #4 for precision of face paint alone. Go Gracie!

  95. J Doogan says:

    Throwing down for number 4, stripes stripes.

  96. Jeff says:

    Stripes are my fav…#4

  97. Flavius says:

    Lines here…lines there…lines on my face everywhere. #4 – an amazing Case Of Stripes

  98. Good Karma says:

    as beautiful as a rainbow…#4 Case of Stripes, all the way

  99. Der Struwwelpeter says:

    #4 – Love it! All the kids look fantastic. What fun!

  100. Lenny says:

    #4 Amazing case of stripes hands down

  101. kristin davis says:

    they all look AMAZING, but my vote has to go to camilla cream (#4).

  102. Mimie Muellner says:

    Well even though # 4 looks contagious I’ll vote for the new disease!

  103. Mary Posatko says:

    #4 rules! the coolest!

  104. emily s says:

    2 4 5

    zombie bride- best creepiest costume

    case of the stripes- most inventive

    cutest nerd- cutest nerd no doubt!

  105. Kristina Johnsen says:

    #2 Zombie Bride.

  106. aleit says:

    #4 ! then the Nerd:) & the zombie!!!

  107. Teresa says:

    All so cute… But I’m going with #8, raggedy ann!

  108. Meg says:

    Love the cutest nerd- SOOO cute

  109. mica says:

    stripes,stripes, stripes.

  110. robert donovan says:

    my vote is for stripes. stripes it is.

  111. Celena says:

    #6 – the adorable Blue Monster!

  112. heidi z says:

    #4 – fantastic confidence!

  113. Jay says:

    #6 – the adorable Blue Monster

  114. aj says:

    Great pics. #4 is the most original! Great job.

  115. Christy says:

    My vote is for #1. Beautiful costume!

  116. Wendy Winter says:

    I vote for number six

  117. Jeannie Kupper says:

    Ahhhh, the little blue monster is just so cute! Love those eyes!

  118. Deborah Carter says:

    OMG! They are all adorable, but I must choose the mermaid!

  119. Tony says:

    #4 for sure!!! So very cute and creative.

  120. elizabeth davis says:

    Number 6 is the cutest!

  121. Laura says:

    I vote for #6….adorable!!!

  122. jennifer says:

    Another vote for Stripes #4 all the way!

  123. Uncle Matt says:

    Voting for #4, for sure!

  124. val says:

    #1 for sure. shes sooooo adorable!

  125. bowchickabowwow says:

    Number 4 fo sho, with 5 as runner up- I’m a sucker for nerds!

  126. chris popoff says:

    I definitely vote for the cutest raggedy ann ever!

  127. #7 – Olive is IT! Love her!

  128. maggie says:

    voting for #4! so cute!

  129. Kathleen Toler says:

    I really love #6, the little blue monster. My favorite color.

  130. SUSANNE ATKINS says:

    Stripes is it, #4

  131. They’re all adorable, but you gotta love a tween who goes all out for Halloween and isn’t too cool to show her creativity. Love the stripey gal!

  132. Joni Godlove says:

    #4 – an amazing Case Of Stripes!

  133. Lecmw says:

    Theae are all incredible! My vote is #4, case of the stripes!

  134. Mamabyrd says:

    #5 (cutesy nerd) has my vote!

  135. jon d says:

    #4 rocks! My fave and vote getter. And others look like fun too

  136. Peony says:

    #8 Raggedy Ann gets my vote!

  137. Carrie says:

    #6 Blue Monster- Olive!! 🙂

  138. #4 – an amazing Case Of Stripes has my vote all the way!!

  139. Amy says:

    #4-Amazing case of stripes
    fer shiz…

  140. I vote for #1. Good work on the photography!

  141. Kim says:

    I vote for the mermaid number 10

  142. Amber says:

    #6 Olive the blue monster

  143. Harper grimmett says:

    #4 for sure!! All cuties but def stripes!!

  144. Jen Hecht says:

    OMG, Jen, these are ALL wonderful!! They all deserve to win, but the Amazing Case of Stripes takes my cake!

  145. Trey says:

    #6 the blue monster. Oh yeah

  146. Karen Crawford says:

    Olive #6 The Blue Monster is my vote!

  147. Olivia says:

    I cast my vote for darling #10!!!

  148. Joan says:

    Great stripes no. 4. You’ve got my vote.

  149. allie says:

    #1…what a beauty 🙂

  150. Beth Skeen says:

    # 6! I vote for # six….she is a cutie!

  151. Jan Ziegler says:

    I love the inclusiveness of stripes in number four. Stripes of every color gets my vote. Jan Z.

  152. Larkin Rollins says:

    Number six! She’s the cutest!

  153. Wayne says:

    I vote for the mermaid #10 – the sheepish look, the twinkle in her eyes and the total belief that this little girl experienced magic while “becoming a mermaid.”

  154. mark skeen says:

    Number six! Cute cute cute

  155. Nikki says:

    #6!! She is too cute for words!

  156. Marc Grimmett says:

    Amazing! But going with #4! Amazing stripes!

  157. Suzy Jacobs says:

    #10 for sure. It’s just like being under the sea. We love you, Violet Zuzu!

  158. Amy D says:

    #4-case of the stripes

  159. Cole says:

    I do like the Janus Joplin Mermaid but I’ll go with #4. Stripes are in this time of year.

  160. Jessica says:

    My vote goes to #6!!!!

  161. Carrye Addonizio says:

    #4-an amazing case of the stripes

  162. Brian Keister says:

    They’re all great but I gotta go with #6…

  163. Frank says:

    My vote is for #4!

  164. Anne says:

    All gorgeous creatures! Miss Olive #6 gets my vote. precious blue monster…

  165. Meredith says:

    I vote for #4 adorable!!

  166. Melissa says:

    Wonderful photos!
    I’m votin’ for #4 – an amazing Case Of Stripes.

  167. Mr. Diggles says:

    My vote is for #4! Amazing!

  168. Anne says:

    Let me see. Hmmmmm I pick #6!!!!

  169. T Dawg says:

    I love them all, but I love number 4 the best. Stripes!

  170. Miss Helen Donovan says:

    I like an amazing case of stripes best. Number 4, that is.

  171. teresa cox says:

    cute, cute, cute….#6

  172. Danielle says:

    My favorite is #4. The Case of the Stripes! Very cool!

  173. teresa cox says:

    adorable little cutie, i vote #6

  174. Dianna says:

    The Indian Princess is my fav!!!

  175. margaret says:

    I vote for #6!!!

  176. Kristen says:

    #5, Adorkable cutest nerd evaarrrr!

  177. Ryan says:

    i vote #4 to the max

  178. Sandy says:

    So hard to choose. But #4 the bad case of the stripes takes it for me.

  179. Cathy says:

    My vote is for #6!!!!!

  180. Stella and Lulu says:

    They all look fantastic but Stripes #4 rules!

  181. kelly says:

    #4!!!! Too cool!!

  182. Jumaha says:

    Ummm, gotta go with stripes #4!

  183. Theresa says:

    My vote goes to the stripes #4 but the nerd stole my heart.

  184. kati says:

    #1… indian princess!

  185. Jessica says:

    #2 zombie bride!

  186. Bella says:

    #4 is the best!

  187. Lindsay says:

    #4 all the way!

  188. Pam Schwegman says:

    # 6 is my favorite!

  189. Brigid says:

    #4! A Bad Case of the Stripes is one of my favorite books and she is so adorable! Love #4!

  190. Heather says:

    STRIPES! And then NERD 🙂

  191. colleen says:

    We cast our vote as…

    #4 an amazing Case of Stripes…of course!

  192. Brent says:


  193. Laura says:

    Gotta vote for No. 6!

  194. Dina says:

    4 An amazing case of stripes

  195. Barbara says:

    Indian pricess #1

  196. Bonnie Byrd says:

    #4 Stripes! The facepaint is amazing! They are all adorable, its tough!

  197. Andrea Gunn says:

    I vote Striped Camilla Cream! If you have ever read that book you would know that that costume is SPOT ON! She is perfect!

  198. Kerry grAves says:

    Love the bad case of stripes! Great pics all around!

  199. Amber says:

    Go #6! Monster!

  200. Lexie says:

    number four all the way!!! Though, how hard to choose between three of my loves!!

  201. Mandy says:

    #6 good luck Olive!!!!

  202. Sally says:

    They are all so cute, I vote for #6!

  203. Amanda says:

    Blue monster #6 All look awesome

  204. Bruce says:

    I vote for the Monster!

  205. Robert says:

    #6 is my favorite

  206. Amy says:

    I love the blue monster # 6

  207. Dee says:

    Olive is the cutest! #6 Great work everyone!

  208. brad says:

    #6 is my pick for the winner

  209. Dolly Ford says:

    I’m voting for #6!

  210. Brian says:

    Go big blue!! #6

  211. Candice says:

    6 is the winner in my heart. Go Olive

  212. Carl says:

    6 please. Good luck Olive. Adorable

  213. Jean says:

    Id like to see #6 win 🙂

  214. Chuck says:

    6 is so cute. Everyone did a great job

  215. Dewayne B says:

    Fantastic photos # 6

  216. gary says:

    casting a vote for blue monster. 6

  217. Meredith Smith says:

    Love #4!! Very cute! Great job!

  218. STRIPES! says:

    oh, #4 all the way! SO CLEVER! 😀

  219. Saya says:

    most original goes to the stripes..

  220. Anna says:

    #4 A case of stripes.

  221. jacob says:

    go olive #6 happy halloween

  222. Ed says:

    olive is my winner 6

  223. jason w says:

    my friend 6 blue monster

  224. jill says:

    dear little monster 6 o)

  225. john says:

    6 hard choice but so cute

  226. kyle says:

    cute olive the blue eyed monster 6

  227. SM says:

    4 baby, 4!
    but everyone looks great! 😀

  228. Clark says:

    #4 is hands down the stripiest! So cute!

  229. Lee says:

    good luck from tn Olive #6

  230. Mo says:

    number four!
    how did she sit still for that?!

  231. Donna says:

    I vote for number 6!

  232. mike says:

    blue monster #6

  233. Jen D says:

    I vote for The stripes!