Cloud City Ice Cream – a venture into food photography

Apr 3, 2013


When Bryan, owner of our Woodstock neighborhood Cloud City Ice Cream, contacted me about doing some photos for him I jumped at the chance. While I’m not a professional food stylist or photographer, I was excited about the opportunity to make some beautiful imagery of one of my FAVORITE foods for someone who is so awesome and passionate about hand making a delicious product with the highest quality local ingredients. Not to mention his devotion to the neighborhood.  And well, even though my specialty is photographing people, Bryan believed in me for this project… and that meant a lot. Thankfully we were both thrilled with the results! Just look at this gorgeous ice cream!!!

  1. Amy Mcmullen says:

    oh my gosh, these are GORGEOUS! oh honey, you nailed it. if you wanted to foray into food….you so should. amazing.

  2. Jennifer Niemann says:


  3. Emily Garrick-Steenson says:

    uhm I want to lick my screen, well done lady!

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