My new {dream} Tattoo

Nov 19, 2014


I have dreamed of having a floral half sleeve done by Alice Kendall of Wonderland Tattoo for at least 6 years… and in September we finally made it happen. I love it so much, and am so tickled that my incredibly talented friend Katy Tuttle was able to photograph it for me!!!


  1. Tonya Doughty says:

    So beautiful, Jen! Classic, but cheeky, expressive, but coy (that mysterious posing in the trees is too!) Suits you perfectly!

  2. Elizabeth Pellette says:

    that is gorgeous.

  3. Dina Divya Zuccaro says:

    Oh JEN! Stunningly beautiful! Truly splendid artistry with lovely colors, great depth, and pleasing balance. I could stare and stare…

  4. Emily pelletier says:

    Ohhhhh my gosh! This is emily, mama of Hazel! We met you at Harlow and saw you again today in Sellwood. If today wasn’t enough of a sign… Alice Kendall is one of my best friends!!!!! I have a dandelion on my forearm from her 🙂 small small beautiful town we live in. I’ll be in touch after the new year about taking photos with you!

  5. John Waire says:

    …THAT rocks!!!

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