Sunday #2

Feb 5, 2013

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This Sunday was a cozy, mostly loungey and play around the house kind of day on Sunday. Pretty Great.

Playmobil & closet forts…

Piles of quilts and lots of friends…A  little glimpse at how my daughter’s mind works… (correction – she let me know that the “town drunk” was actually a Hipster. Pardon my mistake.) She is brilliant and a bit of a nut!If you can’t find your wings, make them!why not two? (Sam uses these oral motor chewing tools to help with his sensory processing)Lots of reading the new books we got on Saturday at Powell’s & Title Wave Books

Pop on over to see what my brilliant pals Amy & Andrea have to share from their Sundays as well! xoxo

  1. Anna Thorson Mayer says:

    It’s pretty cool that you capture your life like this. I am inspired!

  2. kati says:

    omg, those playmobil people are the funniest thing ever. love.

  3. Amy Mcmullen Photography says:

    so great!

  4. Breanna Peterson says:

    These are all so great & I love your idea of documenting your Sundays- very cool!

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