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Today my family went out to our friend, Ben’s, farm – Oregon Organic Acres to marvel at his beautiful creatures, and marvel we did. We tromped around in the mud, and had a miraculous little rain break that ended just as we headed out. And it becomes more and more clear that the slow and […]

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Oregon Organic Acres

Its official. My inconsistent blogger status. Don’t hold it against me, eh? One warm, no HOT, summer evening, I got to photograph some of my favorite smart, powerful, creative, beautiful young ladies. These guys are my girl’s best friends, and I absolutely adore them. So much. Now head on over to the fantastic Stacey Montgomery‘s […]

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Annnnnd We’re Back! 10 on 10 September Style!

This girl. This month’s 10-on-10 is all about this girl who made me a mother. Who is about to graduate from elementary school. Who has one foot in adolescence and the other in little girlhood. Who is strong and tough and sensitive and tender. Who would like to stay a kid forever. Who is growing […]

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10-on-10 June Edition

Welcome back! Ahhhhh, I happy to see February in the rear view mirror, and the days are zipping by toward my 42nd birthday coming up on the 1st day of Spring! This past month has been about being cozy at home with a few excursions out to the woods. Did you come my way via […]

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10 on 10 March edition

In case you don’t know, my son is on the Autism Spectrum. The part of the vast, expansive spectrum that includes significant language delays, executive function challenges that manifest in a lack of impulse control, extreme bouts of anxiety, sensory processing difficulties, and global developmental delays. Please don’t feel sorry for him or for us. […]

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Wrinkle Fingers

Hi Folks! The summer break is a little over half over… can you believe it??? It is flying by, but has also been full of some long rough days for our little clan. Sam has had a hard time being out of his school routine and has lashed out quite a bit… many of his […]

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What a little adventure can do

Bathtub mermaid…

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Sunday 5/19/13

Dear Readers, I have faltered. I was finally in such a beautiful rhythm of blogging, and I owed it muchly to the Sundays project. And then one Sunday I really didn’t feel like shooting. So I didn’t, and in all of my procrastinating perfectionist glory, the blogging came to a screeching halt. And then the […]

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The humanness of blogging. AKA Sunday #???

I love photography. DUH. I love photographing my kids, my life, my real bits. But there are some times, some days, when I just don’t feel like picking up my camera. This Sunday was one of those days. However, I am committed to this project and I forced myself to grab it and persuaded Zoë […]

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Sunday #10 – reluctance

I grew up in the South San Francisco Bay Area. Spring comes early and warm there, and in all honesty, is the one thing I truly miss about living in that part of the country. That and great taquerias, but that’s another story. Over the past 7 years, I have slowly but surely come to […]

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The star of Springtime