10-on-10 June Edition

Jun 9, 2014

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This girl. This month’s 10-on-10 is all about this girl who made me a mother. Who is about to graduate from elementary school. Who has one foot in adolescence and the other in little girlhood. Who is strong and tough and sensitive and tender. Who would like to stay a kid forever. Who is growing up too fast…


Head on over to see the amazing Alana Rasbach’s 10 for June! She is so very talented at telling a story in pictures! And thank you to those who came by way of Breanna Peterson! xo

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  2. […] Now head south to the incredible Jen Downer in Portland (she kind of big time rocks! over at she saw things) […]

  3. These are excellent. Such a treasure!

  4. stacey says:

    She’s beautiful!!

  5. Missy Day says:


  6. Annie Otzen says:

    That second photo from the bottom is stunning! I think she gets more beautiful with every photo you take of her! Love all the different emotions you captured Jen!

  7. Katherine Heise says:

    Oh, she is perfection itself. How terribly rude of her to go and grow up on you, though. These images are brilliant.

  8. Breanna Peterson says:

    Jen, these are incredible. her soul shines through <3

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