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Mar 22, 2011

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on this first day of my 39th year, the second day of spring, i had a strong desire to make photographs of my little life.  and so i did.  and it fed my soul.  here i am to share some little snippets of an everyday early spring afternoon…

his eyes. dreamy.

he chews his tongue a lot these days. and she loves fiercely.

being the 8 year old daughter of a photographer can be rough.

ruby, clover, cutie & pippi

my girl’s got mad styles

lucy – 1 year

my birthday flower from my brother | my brother

i love his sideburns. it kills me to cut them.

with love,


  1. bearto says:

    I love these images… Good looking family ~ spring is here!

  2. dana says:

    i adored peeking into your world! you are blessed. may your 39th year be filled with growth, gratefulness, and a renewed sense of loving. xoxoXO

  3. Calvina says:

    Love. Love. Love,

  4. I know I’ve said it before, but I just adore your work. adore! love the hula hoop(s) and her outfit!! just beautiful, Jen!

  5. Nicolle says:

    love these so much!

  6. Bettie says:

    So lovely! It makes me happy when you blog. xo

  7. lilia says:

    Oh, Jenny….love love love. They are so present and real!!! You are giving your kids such a gift (and they, you)!

  8. Amy Nieto says:

    Zoe definitely has mad styles. What a lovely day with the lovies!

  9. Amanda Keeys says:

    Sometimes everyday life photos are the ones we end up enjoying the best. Love the hula-hopping and that chalk wall, so fun.

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