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I’m really excited to announce my 2015 California Road Trip sessions! We are going to get to see so many awesome people and places, and along the way it would be such a honor and pleasure to photograph YOUR FAMILY! If you are interested in hosting a mini session event in any of the areas […]

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2015 California sessions!

Just had to share this from my session yesterday. We started with breakfast making and eating at the kitchen table, and the whole session evolved in a totally natural way. I love that! This is quite possibly my favorite Family with Dog photo I’ve ever taken! Note the drool… And these two spent the morning […]

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A Saturday Morning at Home session

A very special person is coming into the world today… into the loving arms of Darcie & Walter. And I couldn’t be more excited! These guys are so awesome. Darcie has been with us through some of our biggest life moments, including being our kick ass realtor through buying our first (and only) beloved home. […]

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Today is Baby Day!

Oh my gosh, the past couple of weeks have found me BIZEEEEEEEEEE! We’ve had my birthday, house guests, parties, Spring Break, Zoë’s birthday, and then some. So I apologize for being amiss with my postings. I’m shooting my Sunday today, and the kids go back to school tomorrow so I will be able to spend […]

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Happy Springtime!!!

I believe in love and families that come all different configurations. I believe in compassion and respect and open-mindedness and acceptance. I believe in equality and inclusivity (is that a word? if not, it should be!!). I believe in kindness. I believe everyone (EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN.) has a story that is worth listening to. (even […]

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I believe in LOVE!

Here she is! Dani and Chris‘ baby came earthside on Monday & I was able to swing by and document her at her 25th hour for them. She’s gorgeous, and this new family of 3 is beaming with joy and contentment. We talked about how surreal this time is… the hours and days after a […]

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New Life, Crazy Love

These 5, well, they’ve been on quite a journey together already. I fell in love with these 2 images while uploading their session from yesterday, and I wanted to give you all a little glimpse.

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3 + 2 = Love

One of things I love the very most about photographing families is that I get to be a witness to pure love and adoration. These photos of Miss Saoirse and her parents are such clear testaments to how much she is loved. The wonderment when they gaze at her is so powerful. I feel so […]

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Her Name Means Freedom – Portland Family Photography

I met Sonja several years ago, while she was the co-owner of Spielwerk Toys in the Sellwood neighborhood. (the Sellwood location is now a thing of the past, but the Williams St store is GORGEOUS! Stop in often!) Sonja is as lovely as they come, and we have had many insightful, supportive conversations over the […]

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Sonja’s Magical Family – Portland, OR

When I come to see this beautiful family at their peaceful home in the woods, a special kind of magic washes over me. They are so easy to be with…

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Six Happy Handsome Months