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Jan 27, 2013

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January is always a time of organizing and purging and planning and reviewing. This year while reviewing my personal photos from 2012, I was struck by how few I had taken with my “big” camera. The iphone has become my go-to image maker when I’m hanging out with my kiddos. Its just so unobtrusive and convenient. Nevertheless, I miss the beautiful quality, crisp, lovely images from the “real” camera. So I had already decided that that needed to change this year when I went to tea with my dear & talented friend Andrea (yup! THAT Andrea of Hula Seventy!), and she told me about a personal project she’s embarked on, making sure to document her life every Sunday. I loved the idea so much I asked her if I could jump on board with her. My BFF Amy Mcmullen will be joining in as well. SO EXCITED!

So welcome to a Year of Sundays! We’ll be posting our Sundays on Tuesdays, but I just so happened to take some photos with Zoë last Sunday so I thought I’d start there!

It’s been freezing here in Portland for the past couple of weeks, with several days of lots of frozen fog and icy ground. We headed out for a little photo date, and then tea in a caboose. Time alone with my girl makes me heart soar!

  1. amy grace says:

    ah, so beautiful, it aches to look at them….i look forward to more. xoxo

  2. Bearto says:

    Amazing! What a special project! Can’t wait for Tuesdays!

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