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Our Easter Sunday. Spent lounging…2 farm store visits & dirty looks from goats…Farm store #2. this time with sweet looks from goats…New babies. Here’s Bunny. A Black Sexlink…And here’s Happy Unicorn Lady Gaga. A Buff ORphington… Sunshine and a little yard clean up. Sam said it was “pretend summer”, thus nekkidness was required…And some water […]

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Sunday #9

Sunday #8 was St Patrick’s Day. It was tacos and The Portland Flea and Sauvie Island and friends (this lady) and photos with pups who are preparing for departure and rain and a little bit of sun and deep breaths and loud and quiet.The view from Amy’s kitchen window.I think I take a photo of […]

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Sunday #8

Lazy snuggles. Breakfast Monsters. Big emotions. Obligatory Target Circle photos. Swimming birthday parties. This was our Sunday #7 Don’t miss… Andrea’s Sunday Amy’s Sunday  

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Sunday #7

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wished that there was a camera in my brain. Even as a little girl I wished that I could blink my eyes and record a moment and be able to print a photograph of the memory. If I could order up a superpower, that would be it! […]

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iphoneography Friday

Sunday #6 was a tough day for us. Nothing tragic, just hard. In fact these past few weeks have been hard. I’m not sure if Sam’s broken arm pain is manifesting in some difficult behaviors or if this is just a season that coincidentally came about around the same time as his injury, but we […]

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Sunday #6

Some days are more inspiring than others. This past Sunday, well, I just did NOT feel inspired to pick up my camera much… so my offerings in this post are few, but silly! This girl, on the cusp of 10, she is my muse. Always has been. I look at her these days, and see […]

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Sunday #5

We were on a little trip to California over the long weekend, spending a little time with our chosen family – my oldest, life long friend Kaary (our mom’s were best friends from their days of summer camp together in the Santa Cruz Mountains) and her amazingly wonderful partner Kim. Their house is truly a […]

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Sunday #4

Something major happened this weekend in our family. Our girl had her very first sleepover! Such a bittersweet thing… so happy for her to experience one of the great joys of growing up/so painfully aware of how grown up she is becoming. Rapidly. I admittedly spent the evening she was away sifting through photographs of […]

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Sunday #3

This Sunday was a cozy, mostly loungey and play around the house kind of day on Sunday. Pretty Great. Playmobil & closet forts… Piles of quilts and lots of friends…A  little glimpse at how my daughter’s mind works… (correction – she let me know that the “town drunk” was actually a Hipster. Pardon my mistake.) […]

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Sunday #2