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I love these people more than words can say. I think the photos tell the story for themselves. Leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite shot of the day! If this post gets 30+ comments, I will give this sweet family an 8×10 print of their choice!

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gingerbread house making, warm chocolate, stories and quilts in NE Portland! Oh MY!

I’ve decided to work backwards-ish. I imagine I’ll stray from that, cuz that’s what I do, but its where I’m going to start! This was my last session of 2012. It was mighty chilly and a little dark, but these guys lit it up with their willingness to trust in me to capture their beautiful […]

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Last of the year

This love, so sweet and real, is just pouring out of these images… don’t ya think? I really love photographing couples.  I’d like to do more of it! I always try to get some of the parents together during a family shoot, but its not always possible OR very relaxed while the kids are on […]

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Love Story

I love my job. I love that I get to be with families, witness them loving each other, see their beauties and intricacies, and make art of their lives. I love making something for them that they will cherish for a lifetimes… for generations. I love getting to know families over time, having them choose […]

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The Sweetest

Last night I had a photo session with a family that I adore whom I have been photographing for a few years now. The location we chose is one that I knew has become a “hot spot” for on location photographers, and in all honesty I was hesitant to use such a trendy spot, but […]

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Photos with Soul

This is my friend, Kris, and his kids – Sadie, Max & Sonja. There’s someone very important missing from these photos… Franya Berkman – his wife, their mother, sister, friend, daughter, scholar, musician, teacher, writer – passed away on August 26th from complications due to breast cancer. I have been honored with the job of […]

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Kris, Sadie, Max & Sonja

When I arrived at Ciel’s house, she was deeply enthralled with an episode of the Wonder Pets on the iPad. It took a bit of coaxing the pull her away from her heroic baby animal friends, but once we got her attention I was in for a huge treat! What a spunky little lady this […]

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Ciel, Sce & Owen

These two girls… they are something special.  Just like their parents.  I am so tickled to be a part of their lives and watch them grow. xo, jen

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just because i love her face. and because little else makes me as happy as when she lets me take her picture. xo, jen

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a couple more from yesterday – portland oregon kid photography

on this first day of my 39th year, the second day of spring, i had a strong desire to make photographs of my little life.  and so i did.  and it fed my soul.  here i am to share some little snippets of an everyday early spring afternoon… his eyes. dreamy. he chews his tongue […]

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scenes from my real life – portland oregon family photography